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Online Custom Laser Engraving

Let BURNT Art transform your memories. With custom laser engraving, your favourite photographs can be burnt into wood to create a unique, 3-dimensional piece of art.  These pieces really need to be seen, as most peoples' first reaction is to touch!  Upload your photo  and BURNT Art will create your unique piece of art. 

We can also burn your logo or signage into a range of timbers. Contact us for a quote.

Great gift idea for weddings, pet lovers, grandparents, new parents, sports fans and business owners.......


See some examples below:


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If you know exactly what you'd like and don't need any guidance from us, you can purchase and upload you photos here:


  1. Choose from the size groups below.

  2. Select your frame options, cropping and add custom text (opt)

  3. Checkout through the secure shopping cart. Please note your receipt number.

  4. Upload your favourite photo using the dialogue box below.

Photo Selection/ Upload


The resulting artworks can vary greatly depending on your photo and the laser settings, so we recommend uploading your photo first. We will then contact you via email to discuss your desired outcome and provide a quote for the works. Pricing start at $60 and increase with size.  Photos are typically burnt into A-grade plywood but can be burnt into other hardwoods for an additional fee.  Frames and text can be added as per pricing below.

When selecting your photo:
1. Choose a high resolution photo. 300 dpi works best. The final output will only be as clear as your photo, so to avoid disappointment, please check the quality of your photo prior to uploading

2. Make sure your photo is clear and in focus.

3. Pick a photo that has good contrast. Subjects that clearly stand out from the background work best.

4. Photos taken in natural light create the best highlights. Even better when natural light is aimed at your subject.

5. Avoid photos where the subject is very dark. The laser burns the image, so too much black loses all detail.

6. Images should be at least 1MB in size to achieve a realistic image but no larger than 10MB.

7. If you are after an specific size, please upload your photo to this exact specification/ ratio. We will then engrave exactly as provided.

8. If you'd like a larger size than the options provided, please contact us for a quote.

9. When uploading, don't forget to add any details you would like to include (i.e. size, cropping, etc.)


  • Solid Jarrah frame; 65mm wide x 20mm thick. +$100 AUD Small; +$150 AUD Large

  • Text added to your photo; + $15 AUD



T:   +61 415 674 097

E:  sales@burnt.net.au

If you have questions or would like a quote for a custom product, please fill out the form here:

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