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Small Custom Engraving-Under 200mm x 250mm

Small Custom Engraving-Under 200mm x 250mm


Your photo will be transformed into a beautiful work of art as the details are burned into the wood. The grain in the wood blends with the laser burns to create a truly unique and textural result.

Final size is determined by photo uploaded, cropping and other editing. Will not exceed 200mm x 250mm.
Rounded expressed plywood edge comes standard.


Please indicate if you would like Burnt to crop your photo for optimum results in the pull down menus.

If you'd like to add custom text, add the option in the pull down menu, and provide details where indicated.


Custom Text +$15 AUD

Custom Jarrah frame +$100 AUD  (purchase as separate item in product page)


Price is inclusive of GST plus free shipping! (orders within Australia only)

  • Photo Selection

    When selecting your favourite image, please remember the image is burnt into the wood. There is no printing involved. Detail is created by the depth and power of the laser. The clearer the image provided, the clearer it translates onto wood. 

  • Returns/ Refunds

    Please choose your photo wisely. Burnt Art processes each photograph individually to achieve the best outcome from your image. Should you trust us to crop photo, we will do everything possible to ensure you achieve the desired outcome. However we cannot give refunds based on unexpected proportions/ cropping.

    Please note: Images shown are just examples to show size, quality, etc.

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